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Turbo Tabata

  • STARTAug 5th - 10:30am

  • ENDAug 5th - 11:15am


  • TICKET PRICEUse Class Pass

What do you get when you combine sweet babies and/or toddlers, Mamas and one of the most effective workouts out there? Mama & Me Turbo Tabata, that’s what! Using the Mama and Me format, so you littles stay with you, this class is suited for any age, from newborn, to mobile babes, to toddlers to kids!

Using a Tabata format (short bursts of high intensity followed by active rest) we’ll work you out from top to bottom and everywhere in between. A whole-body workout that is effective and quick, you’ll leave class feeling energized, motivated and happy! 

Event Details
August 5
10:30 am - 11:15 am
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Event Organizer
Kyra Atilla
Event Venue
Bower-Kin Community Hall Playground
85 Boyce Street, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
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