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Cardio, Core & MORE

  • STARTMay 3rd - 11:15am

  • ENDMay 3rd - 12:00pm


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The Cardio, Core & More class will hit every area of fitness that you want hit! We’ll boost your cardio, strengthen your core and find areas of your body you’ve forgotten about! You’ll be sweating from cardio, you’ll be strong from strength training and your core…well, don’t even get us started. You’ll leave this class feeling energized, strong, and most definitely, worked out! We’re Mamas, we’re multi-taskers, so come on out and work your entire body in one go! 

Event Details
May 3
11:15 am - 12:00 pm
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Event Organizer
Kyra Atilla
Sarah Fritzel
Event Venue